Civil wedding Formalize your everlasting love with a civil wedding package

From $3,640 USD


  • Visiting district judge
  • VIP transportation for appointments and paperwork related to civil wedding
  • Personalized guidance by an expert for legalities of your marriage
  • Beautiful chocolate brown huppa decorated in white fabric
  • 2 fresh flower arrangements for the huppa
  • 50 chocolate colored chairs
  • Sound equipment for ceremony (microphone and speakers)
  • Bride’s Bouquet
  • Boutonniere for the groom
  • Honeymoon style decoration in your suite on the night of your wedding
  • Complimentary chocolate coated strawberries
  • Romantic breakfast in your room the morning following your wedding
  • Spa day - a couples 80 min. massage
  • Taxes and services included

Flowers in order to design the perfect bouquet and all flowers for the ceremony, let us know your favorite wedding colors and we will send you a proposal based in the seasonal flowers included in your package.

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Ready to start planning?

Our dedicated Wedding Coordinator will be pleased to assist you in mapping out the details of this special moment, from the tiniest detail to the ceremony, to the reception to guest accommodations.

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