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The best month to visit Los Cabos

There’s truly something for everyone in Los Cabos – and on any day of the year.

Cabo is well known as one of Mexico’s best year-round destinations. That’s largely thanks to the 360 days of sunshine per year that the southern tip of Baja California Sur enjoys.

The never-ending clear skies and warm weather attract scores of visitors, who come to lounge on the stunning beaches, swim alongside the incredible range of sea life, explore the desert and mountains, and join the fun of the destination’s famous nightlife scene.

While most of these activities can be enjoyed throughout the year, some are extra special at different points in the calendar. So, it’s worth taking a few minutes to find the ideal time for your perfect trip to Cabo.

Los Cabos in January

The New Year is one of the most popular times of year to visit Los Cabos. Temperatures normally reach highs of around 77 to 80° F, and whale spotting season is in full swing.

Humpback and gray whales typically spend the first three months of the year off the coast of Cabo and can usually be spotted for around two and a half hours each day during this time. These whales, which can weigh up to 40 tons, are undoubtedly the star of the show amongst the Sea of Cortez’s huge array of sea creatures.

Los Cabos in February

While Cabo is well known for its beaches, activities, and nightlife, it also has a vibrant cultural scene. One of its most high-profile events, the Annual Jazz Festival, is worth planning a special trip for in February.

The event has built a reputation as one of the best jazz festivals in the world and has welcomed artists including Warren Hill, Gladys Knight, Marcus Miller, and Damon Williams to its downtown venues over the past two decades.

Los Cabos in March

One of the newer additions to Los Cabos’ cultural calendar is the Cheese And Wine Festival, which has been held every March since 2013.

The event showcases some of the best cheese from around the world, including some traditional Mexican cheeses. You can enjoy the exquisite food and drink on offer in the knowledge that the

proceeds go to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, a charity aiming to improving the quality of life of children in the Baja California Sur region.

Los Cabos in April

Easter in Los Cabos is famously linked with spring break. The days can be spent under blue skies, either on the white-sand beaches or in the clear water, before enjoying the city’s nightlife when the sun goes down.

The city’s downtown area, just off the marina, comes alive in the evening as the restaurants, bars, and clubs open their doors, with the partying in Los Cabos going on until the early hours.

Los Cabos in May

Los Cabos is a surfers’ paradise almost all year round, but the peak season starts in May and runs through October.

As Cabo is a meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, it creates waves that attract new and experienced surfers alike. Many of the best spots can be found on the East Cape, around San Jose del Cabo, but there’s also the option of heading to the beaches of Todos Santos on the Pacific.

Los Cabos in June

June is often highlighted as the best time to visit Los Cabos. With the spring break parties in April and May only a memory, the city becomes a little quieter, while the temperatures continue to rise before the humidity arrives later in the summer.

This can make for ideal conditions to watch the Los Cabos Open of Surfing. The tournament features some of the world’s best surfers pulling off stunning tricks and competing for big cash prizes.

Los Cabos in July

With temperatures reaching highs of 91°F in the Los Cabos summer, July is definitely a good time to head to the beach. Here you will find tourists from around the world as well as locals, enjoying their summer holidays, side by side along the coastline.

Other regular visitors to these shores include sea turtles, who return to their native breeding grounds every year to lay their eggs. These begin hatching in July, continuing through until December, and provide an unforgettable experience for visitors lucky enough to watch the baby sea turtles making their way into the sea.

Los Cabos in August

August can sometimes be overlooked as one of the best times to visit. Los Cabos weather predictions for rain around this time usually mean the city is a little quieter, but its desert location means that cloud coverage and rainfall rarely arrive.

That makes it an ideal month to enjoy everything Cabo has to offer without the hustle and bustle that comes with peak season at the start of the year and between May and July.

Los Cabos in September

This is one the quietest times of year, with most of the rain and the Los Cabos hurricane season arriving during these few weeks. That may lead some to ask: Is it safe to visit Los Cabos at this time? It’s certainly worth being cautious, but the area has mostly experienced tropical storms in the past, rather than hurricanes.

Even if the weather gets a little wet, you can swap the beach for outdoor adventures like ATV riding or take day trips to nearby Todos Santos or La Paz to enjoy the best seafood around Los Cabos.

Los Cabos in October

It doesn’t take long for the perfect weather in Los Cabos to return, bringing excited visitors with it.

Plenty of them travel to Los Cabos for the famous fishing events and perhaps the biggest of them all is Bisbee’s International Black and Blue Tournament. Thousands of visitors head to the marina to see fleets of boats set off in hope of returning with huge catches. The biggest of these can weigh close to an incredible 500 pounds and earn the competing teams checks worth millions of dollars.

Los Cabos in November

November sees Cabo trade in its fishing rods for bow ties and glamourous dresses, with the arrival of the annual Los Cabos International Film Festival.

The five-day event celebrates the contributions of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. have made to the big screen, featuring special screenings, workshops and talks. The festival also attracts plenty of famous faces, with actors such as Reese Witherspoon, Ewan McGregor, Robert de Niro, and Nicole Kidman having traveled to Los Cabos in the past.

Los Cabos in December

One of the best places in Mexico to celebrate Christmas is Los Cabos.

It’s no surprise given that the weather is warm, whale-spotting season has just begun, and you can toast to the holiday season with cocktails in the lively downtown bars. But one of the highlights of this time of year has to be watching the incredible fireworks display over the waterfront on New Year’s Eve.

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