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Best Time of The Year to Visit Los Cabos

No place combines endless sunshine, stunning beaches, and spectacular sea life quite like Los Cabos. Cabo is the home to long white-sand beaches, with warm and clear waters that are some of the best on the planet for surfing and snorkeling. Venture out from shore, and you will find the ‘aquarium of the world’. From tiny baby sea turtles to gigantic humpback whales, the Sea of Cortez has it all.

There’s also no shortage of activities on land. From ATV excursions to zip lining, there’s an adventure for everyone at the southern tip of Baja California Sur.

Then, when the sun goes down, the warm evenings can be enjoyed with an ocean view, delicious cocktails, and some of the world’s best seafood in the lively downtown area of Cabo San Lucas and all along the Los Cabos corridor.

One of Cabo’s biggest draws, though, is its excellent weather all year round, which means there’s rarely a bad time to visit. But make sure to consider the time of year you’re planning on traveling to Los Cabos in order to make the most of your time there.

What is The Best Season to Visit Los Cabos? 

The peak season is between December and February – and it’s no surprise so many people travel to Los Cabos during this time. The weather is perfect for lounging all day by the beach and taking boat trips to admire ‘the aquarium of the world’.

The creatures in the Sea of Cortez put on a spectacular show around these months. Many visitors enjoy watching baby turtles hatching and taking their first steps towards the sea, but the highlight for most will be spotting whales. Catching the sight of one of the majestic humpback whales breaching out of the water can make for an unforgettable experience.

October is the next most popular period, with the region’s fishing events bringing in big crowds. The Bisbee's Black & Blue fishing tournaments are the most notable of these and are known as the sport’s richest competitions.

The event also coincides with the return of the good weather in Los Cabos after the short rainy season has quickly passed through during the start of fall.

Whatever time of year you visit, you will be guaranteed a warm welcome from the locals. While some people might ask: Is it safe to travel to Los Cabos? There’s no doubt that visitors can relax and enjoy their time in this safe and picturesque coastal city.

Spring in Los Cabos 

Spring in Cabo is all about spring break. The city has become one of the top destinations for students looking to spend their holiday in Los Cabos in the sunshine.

During these weeks, the city is buzzing with parties on the beaches, in the pools, and on the boats during the day. The partying in Los Cabos then carries on until the early hours in the downtown clubs and bars.

Visitors can also catch the end of whale-spotting season around this time, as well as heading out on boat trips to see the famous Cabo stone arches, which is also known as Land’s End.


Summer in Los Cabos 

The Los Cabos summer is best spent by the beach – the reason many visitors head to the area. Cabo has a huge choice of picturesque beaches, such as Medano, Chileno, and Los Cerritos. These are best enjoyed during the driest months of the year, which fall between May and July, when the skies are clear and temperatures reach around 85°F most days.

The waters are also warm and ideal for surfing. Thanks to swells from the Southern Hemisphere, waves are consistent at most beaches, making for perfect conditions for new and experienced surfers.

The beaches also tend to be less busy after the spring break parties have finished during March and April, meaning visitors, including young families, can enjoy the area at a slower and more relaxed pace.


Fall in Los Cabos 

The start of autumn brings hot and humid conditions, along with a small chance of hurricanes in Los Cabos. But this soon passes and the normal conditions of clear skies and warm weather quickly resume.

The city springs back into life in October, largely thanks to the Bisbee's Black & Blue fishing tournaments. This is the world’s richest fishing event, with millions of dollars at stake for the teams taking part. It draws in huge crowds, who come to see the catches being weighed and enormous checks being handed out as prizes. The celebrations then carry on beyond the marina and the downtown bars are filled with a party atmosphere.

Cabo also puts on a very different spectacle a few weeks later, with the Los Cabos International Film Festival. The celebration of Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. cinema has built quite the reputation over the past decade and is partnered with the world-famous Cannes festival. Movie fans can enjoy special screenings and talks, as well as the chance to spot a few famous faces.


Winter in Los Cabos 

Los Cabos is a perfect destination for people looking to escape the cold of winter at home and spend their Christmas in Los Cabos.

While winter brings the coolest months, temperatures reach 75°F most days, which is ideal for spending all day by the beach. The waters are almost just as warm and are great for snorkelling and diving at this time of year. These conditions carry on in Los Cabos in February before getting warmer in spring.

If you are planning to spend the holidays in Cabo, then you cannot miss the fireworks celebrations on New Year’s Eve. The waterfront is lit up by a spectacular display, which creates a truly memorable way to bring in the New Year and adds another reason for it being a great time of year to visit Los Cabos.


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