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The Snack Tasty Treats & Meals

Enjoy a Mexican or American style lunch at the poolside snack and swim-up bar.

Poolside Delights

Don't feel like getting out of the pool? Order your lunch at our trendy swim-up bar. Serving classic American style burgers and chicken fingers and Mexican style tacos and ceviche.

Enjoy casual appetizers from the comfort of your beach lounge chair and let your pool concierge cater to your tropical cocktail whims.

Tropical Relaxation

Add some glamour to your stay, and dine while you lounge by the pool enjoying tropical sea breezes and stunning views with swaying palms. Enjoy fresh sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and tacos.

For the little ones, they will love the sliders, mini-pizzas, and chicken fingers.

Tasty Treats & Meals


Access to this restaurant is exclusively for our guests.

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