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Healing Hydrotherapy Ritual

You are invited to unwind in Spa Imagine’s unique hydrotherapy circuit, one of the most complete circuits in Los Cabos.

Soothing the mind, body and spirit

Your Wellness Journey

Allow your stresses to melt away as you bask, sink, and float in a rejuvenating circuit of hot and cold stations. Our hydrotherapy circuit honors the healing and relaxing properties of water, which have been treasured as an important element in our journey towards optimum well-being ever since ancient times.

This is an ideal complement to a massage; it helps you relax and prepares your muscles prior to your treatment.

Healing H2O

Steam, bubbles, heat and tranquility

Hydrotherapy is designed to be an immersive experience for relaxation, calming the mind and putting the body in balance.

At our exclusive hydrotherapy circuit, you will feel revitalized as you alternate between hot and cold stations, resting in between. From the warm sauna to the to the cold plunge pool to the pulsating jets of the jacuzzi, everyone will experience the health benefits of this fantastic ritual at one of the most idyllic luxury spas in Los Cabos.

  • Soothing the mind, body and spirit
  • Spa Imagine Garza Blanca Los Cabos
  • Sauna Garza Blanca Los Cabos
  • Steam Room

    Elegant marble steam room to open the pores and stimulate your body to eliminate toxins.

  • Sauna

    The finest cedar-finish sauna.


    Cool the body after the sauna or steam room with a warm and powerful shower to massage the shoulders and upper back.

  • Vitality Pool

    Mini-massage stations in a warm water plunge pool, designed for different areas of the body: feet, shoulders, upper and lower back, and full body.

  • Grand Jacuzzi

    Immerse yourself in a large jacuzzi as you enjoy a pure state of relaxation. Unwind with the heat and gentle caressing of the bubbles.

  • Cold Plunge Pool

    Ice cold plunge pool to energize the skin and revitalize your body. 1 to 5 seconds of an invigorating fresh shock.

Spa Imagine World-class Spa at Garza Blanca Los Cabos

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