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Therapy Suites

Each therapy suite is customized to provide bespoke treatments based on the philosophy of the seven chakras and five elements.

Soothing the mind, body and spirit

Personal Balance

Situated on the 9th floor with heavenly high ceilings, most cabins have a spectacular ocean view. Every treatment begins with a foot ritual and each cabin has its own gemstone to match the treatment.

The purpose of the foot ritual is to connect with the energy of water for you to receive all the benefits of your treatment and leave the treatment room feeling perfectly in balance: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Ocean views chaperone your every move in the Spa’s relaxation areas that boast heavenly high ceilings, state of the art installations and a soothing ambience that dreams are made of.

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Soothing the mind, body and spirit

Soothing the mind, body and spirit 

Spa Imagine has created the perfect environment for you to leave behind your worries and tensions and fully relax in a selection of specially designed cabins with perfect lighting and ambience that are tailored to your specific treatment needs whether for massages, couples’ treatments, facials, or body wraps.

Hydrotherapy Ritual Spa Imagine

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