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  • BocaDos STK Restaurant Los Cabos
  • BocaDos STK Restaurant Los Cabos
  • BocaDos STK Restaurant Los Cabos

The concept

Exquisite meat choices cooked and prepared in the moment just as you wish adding new meaning to succulent cuisine. 

Enjoy a varied menu with options for all tastes and a full signature cocktail menu and premium wine list. Expect top quality meat and fresh accompaniments; expect tailored dining at its best with the finest service!

Dining under the stars

You will feel like you are dining under the stars whether you have your flavorful meal inside beneath the restaurant’s galactic ceiling whose lighting looks like shooting stars or outdoors under the clear firmament. 

This restaurant is all about shining a light on quality dining. You can even watch the chefs in the show kitchen as they prepare the succulent creations to be served at your table.

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