Garza Blanca Resort
Gourmet Dining
  • The Rooftop

Imagine taking in Los Cabos’ breathtaking ocean views as you bask atop a luxury hotel in its rooftop infinity pool. Few experiences compare to the sensation of feeling like you are floating on top of the world in the height of luxury. Trendy tunes and signature cocktails will accompany your sassy socializing with a range of loungers and day beds to bring comfort to your stylish experiences in the sun. Allow yourself to fully indulge in lavish relaxation knowing that chic is a state of mind!

Private Events Area

Besides a stunning infinity pool and pumping adults only atmosphere, the Rooftop features a versatile area that is suitable for hosting private gatherings such as weddings and incentive presentations as well as being a venue for special events hosted by the resort for guests.

The Rooftop
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The 5th of May commemorates Mexico’s Victory over Spain

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